I’m very touchy feely in a relationship like I can’t keep my hands to myself I just like to be in contact with the person I date.

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On my wedding day, I’m gonna recite my vows twice.

Once at the altar and again in the bedroom.

With my tongue.

On her pussy.

One letter at a time.

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I can’t leave you. You’re the only person I love on Mondays and I fucking hate everyone on Mondays. I can’t give that up. (via krystallballerrr)

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I didn’t change. I outgrew you. six word story.  (via killathegawd)

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You smell like you taste good. A compliment. (via elusivelyshani)

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I miss you. Nothing fancy or clever. No hidden meaning. Just that. (via your-daisyfreshgirl)

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i wonder what its like to be attractive enough to have random people have crushes on you 

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National Girlfriends Day tomorrow?
lol I’m single like shit.

I don’t see why your so cute though!! ☺️

lol if I knew I could tell ya. But thank you! ☺️🙈

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